We respect your privacy, we do not rent or sell personal information or artworks or artwork content given to us. We may need to provide some of your personal details to subcontractors in order to fulfill your orders, eg for delivery or installation. Artworks done by us are considered our property even if you pay for the time taken to create them and maybe be used in whole or in part for other clients.


Though we do not purposely give out content of artworks, ie date of a promotion, launch of new product, etc; our office is a very public space and visitors may be privy to content on screens of our designers and printed matter in our finishing areas.

This privacy policy may change without prior notice


Refunds and Reprints

We endeavour to make sure you are satisfied with our products, but if you require a reprint or a refund please let us know within a week of receiving, or supposed to have received, goods.


Please note the following:



we will not entertain complaints after expiration of content. ie. tickets after date of event, posters after promotion is over, etc


we are not responsible for errors in artwork, spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors, low quality/resolution images


A sample should be obtained before job to clarify artworks, print quality, differences in colour from screen to print, materials used etc. Variation from sample in production +/-5% is what is considered as qualification for reprint or refund. If you do not obtain a sample due to time, cost or any other restraint we can not entertain complaints of differences of what you expect and what is produced.


only the cost of products charged will be refunded, delivery and transport charges are not. We will not be liable for anything more than the cost we charge for the goods supplied.


These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice