Seasonal Greeting Cards
The thrice blessed day for Buddhists around the world, where peace and love spread among the people. Let your loved ones commemorate the most important occasion with beautiful greeting cards and make them satisfy their religious and emotional needs.


6 x 4 inch folded30Rs. 1,920.00
50Rs. 3,150.00
100Rs. 4,500.00
200Rs. 7,600.00
300Rs. 11,400.00
400Rs. 13,200.00
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240 gsm Ivory - simple elegant matt board
340 gsm Ivory - thicker and stiffer matt board

250 gsm Conqueror - traditional laid texture board

250 gsm Ice Gold - metalic sheen board
350 gsm Bright White Felt - dimpled texture, our thickest board
300 gsm Bright White Linen - thick cloth weave texture board
TotalRs. 1,920.00