CD Covers and Labels


Your CD Cover is your most important advertisement!

A well designed and attractive cover, along with other detailed information you have included in the packaging and with a label, can help you sell the products better.

CD/DVD Burn Charges

  CD-R Mini CD-R DVD-R
Disc Only (without burning) 50/- 50/- 60/-
Burn Only (client provide disc) 20/- 20/- 40/-
Disc + Burn 50/- 50/- 75/-


Case / Cover

CD/DVD Labels (8 stickers) 240/-
Imation CD Jewel Box (Slim Case) 50/-
CD Slim Case (Normal - Transparent) 40/-
DVD Case (Normal - Black) Single/Dual 40/-
Polythene CD/DVD Sleeves 5/-
PP CD/DVD Sleeves