Business Cards (Double Sided)
Make Your Mark With Premium Business Cards
A nice card speaks a lot about your business. Create the one instantly and see the impact!


- Starting at SLRs.1100 for 100

- Create in minutes

- 4-color printing on various types of card stock

- One or both side printing, square or rounded corners

- Glossy or matt lamination available for Artboard

- For Slim and Lite choose 125gsm Plastic (PET) as paper


90 x 55 mm100Rs. 1,100.00
200Rs. 2,200.00
300Rs. 3,300.00
500Rs. 4,250.00
1000Rs. 7,000.00
2000Rs. 13,000.00
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240 gsm Ivory - simple elegant matt board
340 gsm Ivory - thicker and stiffer matt board
260 gsm Gloss Artboard - basic gloss board can be laminated
260 gsm Gloss Artboard - thicker gloss board can be laminated
250 gsm Conqueror - traditional laid texture board
250 gsm Ice Gold - metalic sheen board
350 gsm Bright White Felt - dimpled texture, our thickest board
300 gsm Bright White Linen - thick cloth weave texture board
125gsm Plastic (PET) - scratch/tear/water proof. Slim to keep many in wallet
200gsm Plastic (PET) - scratch/tear/water proof. Thicker stiffer
Choose between standard rectangular card (none) or
rounded corners (shape)
TotalRs. 1,100.00