A3 Size Prints 11.69x16.54 inches or 297×420mm
When all you need is a basic double sided print. 
Or you need to layout to your hearts content and not be restricted by our product range.
You can print on all our Papers


SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
A3 Print124Rs. 240.00
2549Rs. 180.00
5099Rs. 150.00
100199Rs. 130.00
200499Rs. 115.00
500999Rs. 100.00
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240 gsm Ivory - simple elegant matt board
340 gsm Ivory - thicker and stiffer matt board
260 gsm Gloss Artboard - basic gloss board
260 gsm Gloss Artboard - thicker gloss board
250 gsm Conqueror - traditional laid texture board
250 gsm Ice Gold - metalic sheen board
350 gsm Bright White Felt - dimpled texture, our thickest board
300 gsm Bright White Linen - thick cloth weave texture board
125gsm Plastic (PET) - scratch/tear/water proof. Slim to keep many in wallet
200gsm Plastic (PET) - scratch/tear/water proof. Thicker stiffer
TotalRs. 240.00